Paraguay’s beef exports on the rise

Paraguay’s beef exports on the rise

Sunday, January 13, 2013

By  Peter M. Tase

According to Paraguay’s Agency of Animal Health and Quality (SENACSA), the South American country experienced a substantial growth in beef exports in 2012 despite the fact that cattle producers faced a health crisis caused by foot-and-mouth diseased cattle and as a result they confronted market restrictions in late 2011. Last year Paraguay exported a total of 186,289,829 kilograms of beef, reaching more than $903 million in value, and securing more than $105 million dollars revenue growth when compared to the balance of 2011.

The increase of beef exports was in effect immediately after the season of cattle disease outbreak which occurred between September 2011 and January 2012.   Of the total amount of exported beef, 21,000 kilograms consisted of edible internal organs, which brought an additional profit for Paraguayan beef exporters, reaching more than $87 million last year.   Among the 23 countries importing edible internal organs, Russia is in first place, followed by Hong Kong, Gabon, Angola, Vietnam and Democratic Republic of Congo.
The main destination for Paraguayan beef products remains Russia, with 70% of the total amount exported, Brazil is in the second place with 14% and Angola and Israel are in the third and fourth places respectively.
Paraguay’s international market share of beef exports is on the rise; its cattle are considered to have a tender flavor and taste which is different from beef products exported by Argentina and Brazil.  Paraguay’s industry of cattle grazing is fully dependent on organically grown food fed to the animals,which has been cited as the reason why countries such as Russia and even Brazil, prefer to import beef from this landlocked country which is thought to have a potential of providing food for the whole world.
Speronews contributor Peter Tase writes on Latin American Trade and Diplomatic Affairs.


Paraguay’s beef exports on the rise

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