Commemoration of 145 years since Luque was declared Paraguay’s capital


Commemoration of 145 years since Luque was declared Paraguay’s capital


In February 22, 1868, as the war against Triple Alliance War was taking its toll and significantly exterminating Paraguayan society, Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez, Paraguay’s President had order his Vice President Domingo Francisco Sanchez, to declare Asuncion as a military point and signed the decree of “proclamation of the Republic” and designating the city of Luque as the provisional capital of Paraguayan government in the city of Luque.

In the grounds of a shrine parish house in Luque, is identified the location of a National Press Office that was used during the war and the weekly Cacique Lambare Weekly newspaper was edited and printed. At the same location was established the Ministry of War and Navy Forces; the house will be celebrating 199 years on March 5th, 2013.

At the night of late February, owing to the overwhelming war situation and confusion in Asuncion, Sanchez’ cabinet evacuated his government and  established his new headquarters in Luque, declaring this city as the provisional capital and the first station of resistance movement that would be constantly on the move up to Cerro Cora.

The evacuation was done in a horse convoy, on foot, in wagons, horses, women, children, wounded men and woman, members of government, people from different walks of life including Madame Lynch, reaching their designated point in Luque at the early morning hours of February 22nd.

As the government relocated in Luque, several houses of the town were used as administrative offices. According to the official story, Vice President Sánchez’s fixed address was in one of the houses located near Mariscal Lopez Avenue and the corner of Rosario Avenue, near the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary.

In 2011, in the commemoration of the National Bicentennial events of Paraguay’s independence, the City Hall begun to identify the historic houses that housed temporarily the offices of Paraguay’s executive offices at that time and placed in every building historic explanation plaques that would raise historical awareness of the local population and emphasize national historical heritage.  Currently there are five homes used as former government offices in the second half of the Triple alliance war.


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