UNACE will participate with its own candidates on Paraguay’s presidential elections

UNACE will participate with its own candidates on Paraguay’s presidential elections

On Friday, February 15th, the National Unity Party of Ethical Citizens (UNACE), Paraguay’s third largest political group, registered its own presidential candidate for the country’s April 21st presidential elections. UNACE Leadership has selected Lino Oviedo Sanchez, deceased Gen. Lino Oviedo’s nephew, to run for president and Luis Villamayor for vice President.  Both members of this presidential ticket, will embark in an extensive visit around the country, in the next weeks leading up to presidential elections.  Oviedo Sanchez and Villamayor are expected to meet with Paraguayan electorate and make sure to strengthen their party’s membership line of supporters.  This decision was taken after a week-long intense negotiation meetings between UNACE and the Authentic Liberal Radical Party leadership (PLRA), in which was discussed a potential joint presidential ticket that would bring both parties together. Unfortunately, this last minute candidate reshuffling was not allowed by article 166 of the electoral code stating that “in the case of political parties, political movements or alliances, the fact that a candidate has participated as a contender in the election of primaries of another party will be contested and grounds for dispute.” In this case UNACE Candidate, Ariel Oviedo had been campaigning for the national representative’s seat in the primary elections with the party.

Lino Oviedo Sanchez candidacy was announced by the president of the Senate, Jorge Oviedo Matto and is in effect since February 15, the deadline for political parties to register all their candidates to run for public office, as it is previously established by the national supreme court of elections’ legislation.

Although this is an elections’ year, Paraguayan Senate, under the leadership of UNACE Sen. Oviedo Matto, will have to reconvene on March 1 and the current senators’mandate will last until June 30th .  In July 1st the newly elected senators and National Representatives will be taking oath of office and elect the presidents of both chambers in the National Congress respectively. The future President of the Senate will administer the oath of office for the new president-elect of Paraguay on August 15, 2013.

In the mean time the Senate, under the leadership of Sen. Oviedo Matto, has various pending projects such as the Metro bus Public transportation project in Asuncion and the approval of legislation for vehicle technical inspection.


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