Bolivia and Brazil expect free and democratic elections in Paraguay

Bolivia and Brazil expect free and democratic elections in Paraguay

On March 2nd, 2013, Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota arrived in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia to discuss with his Bolivian Counterparts the bilateral agenda.

Bolivian Foreign Minister Choquehuanca, stated in a press conference that part of the discussion were

“Paraguay’s next general elections, and [both ministers] want to ensure fair elections, transparent and a democratic process,”

The electoral commission of Paraguay have called general elections for next April 21st, in which will be voted for president, vice president, senators and members of the national Congress, members of MERCOSUR Parliament and election of 17 new Governors.

MERCOSUR and UNASUR await patiently to see the process of these elections in Paraguay, in order to make a decision and lift the political sanctions against Asuncion.  After the abrupt political impeachment against Former President Fernando Lugo, regional organizations such as UNASUR and MERCOSUR have decided to isolate Paraguay and suspend its participation in the XXII Ibero-American Summit, in Cadiz, Spain (November 2012), CELAC – EU Summit, in Santiago Chile (January, 2013), and the 3rd, South America – Arab Countries Summit, in Lima, Peru (September, 2012).  These extreme actions taken by UNASUR and MERCOSUR, against Paraguay, are righteously considered as an extension of Argentina’s and Brazil’s decades old policies of constant animosity towards their landlocked neighbor, dating since the Triple Alliance War of 1865-1870.

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