Paraguay and Uruguay: The Dawn of a New Era of Friendship

Paraguay and Uruguay: The Dawn of a New Era of Friendship

Peter Tase – Nov 06, 13


Horacio Cartes, Geopolitical Monitor, Copy 2On Friday October 25, 2013, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes conducted his first official visit to Uruguay. In the early days of Mr. Cartes’ presidential term, he has been highly engaged, pragmatic, and has worked to promote the international investment potential of Paraguay unlike any other president in the past 24 years.

As Asunción remains outside of the MERCOSUR trade block, Mr. Cartes’ numerous official visits have shown a highly positive, proactive and a vibrant foreign policy strategy that sooner or later will have a direct impact on improving Paraguay’s national image and attracting strategic investment to the Guaraní-speaking country.

In their official meeting, presidents Jose Mujica and Horacio Cartes agreed to further strengthen bilateral ties while asserting their respective governments’ willingness to work intensely in the areas of trade, and industrial and cultural cooperation, all within the context of mutual interests, reciprocity and friendship.

Both leaders stressed the excellent relations between these two countries, which have been built on common ideas, regional economic development, integration of transportation logistics, and above all: the aspiration of integrating both nations into a globalized economy.

As President Cartes concluded his official visit, he joined his Uruguayan counterpart to give a joint press statement encompassing all areas of mutual cooperation in economic development, politics, commerce, education and culture. President Mujica put particular emphasis on the traditional and historical ties existing between both countries, ties that date back to 1820 when the father of Uruguayan nationhood, Jose Gervasio Artigas, was hosted by Paraguay’s dictator Dr. Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia in Asunción. Mr. Mujica reiterated his interest in developing national infrastructure and his desire to work with Asunción in order to iron out their differences and better defend their mutual interests in the region and beyond.

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