Paraguayan President Cartes makes diplomatic headway – Peter Tase

Cartes and Mujica, in Speronews.copy 2

Paraguayan President Cartes makes diplomatic headway

Sunday, November 03, 2013
By Peter Tase

President Jose Mujica of Uruguay (L) and President Horacio Cartes (R).

Newly-elected Paraguayan president Horacio Cartes conducted his first official visit to Uruguay in a campaign to restore good relations with neighboring countries and fellow members of MERCOSUR – the South American diplomatic and trading bloc. Immediately after Cartes began his presidential term, he has been highly engaged and pragmatic in promoting his country’s potential to foreign investors. This is unlike any other president who has ruled Paraguay in the last 24 years. Even though Asunción continues to be outside of the MERCOSUR trade bloc, Cartes’ numerous official visits have shown a highly positive and proactive foreign policy that sooner or later should improve Paraguay’s national image and thus attract strategic investment to the Guaraní and Spanish-speaking country.

In their official meeting on October 25, Cartes and President José Mujica agreed to further strengthen bilateral ties and ratified their respective governments’ willingness to work intensely in the areas of trade, industrial and cultural cooperation, while respecting the mutual interests, reciprocity and values of friendship.
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