Nakhchivan, hidden treasure of global architecture heritage 4 FEBRUARY 2015, 10:21 (GMT+04:00)

By Peter Tase

In early October 2014, I embarked in my first trip to the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan where I had the opportunity to visit the Momuna Khatun Tomb and the Khan Palace, both located in the city of Nakhchivan, Republic of Azerbaijan.

These two stylish buildings are perhaps the most important sites that exemplify the great accomplishments of Azerbaijan’s architecture. Though unknown by many, they are great contributions to the world cultural heritage.

The Momuna Khatun Tomb is a grandiose historical monument, one of the pearls of the Eastern Architecture which distinguishes Azerbaijan’s national architecture from other countries. It was built in 1186 (in the western part of the city of Nakhchivan) by Shamsaddin Eldaniz who is the founder of Azerbaijan.

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