Archeological treasures of Nakhchivan

28 March 2016 10:13 

Peter Tase, the political analyst, the expert on international relations at the Marquette University (US) for

Numerous archeological monuments of the early Iron Age in Nakhchivan, a province of the Republic of Azerbaijan, have an indispensable contribution towards shedding more light on the cultural, archeological and agricultural developments that have taken place throughout various centuries before and after Christ, in the outskirts of Europe. Archeological assents and sites located within the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, require a highly detailed attention by international scholars who dedicate much of their time to the study of archeological artifacts, trends of ancient architecture and analyze valuable objects throughout Europe and Asia. Archeological sites such as Ilikligaya, Ilikligaya Monument, Irinchoy Ancient Site and the Sanctuary of Iydali Piri in Kangarli region, are unique archeological sites that ought to receive a greater attention by international scholars who dedicate most of their research to the study of pre-historic archeology, ancient European history and conduct expanded global research focused on the discovery of new clues that pertain to European civilization as well as to one of the world’s ancient tribes that were indigenous to the territories of Azerbaijan and have been living for centuries in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan.



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