Azerbaijan’s participation in US nuclear summit – reliable partnership between countries

8 January 2016 17:20 

Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 8

By Anakhanum Khidayatova – Trend:

Azerbaijan’s participation in the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit testifies that Azerbaijan is the US reliable ally in the field of security in the Caspian region, Peter Tase, the political analyst, the expert on international relations at the Marquette University (US), told Trend Jan. 8.

“This is also the testimony of many accomplishments that the Azerbaijani government has achieved in the fields of democracy building, institutional building and respect of human rights, reliable ally towards preserving peace and stability in the Caspian region and beyond,” he said.

“It is in the strategic interest of the US government to give priority to the peaceful solution of the protracted Nagorno-Karabakh armed conflict and emerge as the primary advocate of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan,” the expert said.










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