Albantapa, Akhura Kultapasi: Unique Azerbaijani Archeological Monuments – OpEd

Map of Azerbaijan showing Sharur Region. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Map of Azerbaijan showing Sharur Region. Source: Wikipedia Commons.


As the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (Azerbaijan) is preparing to be the world’s principal hub of Islamic culture (in 2018), a number of archeological monuments have facilitated a growth of various sectors such as cultural tourism, archeological expeditions, sustainable economic growth, it has concurrently expanded the knowledge about ancient history to many international experts.

All of these remarkable accomplishments are taking place in a vulnerable region where peace and security have a corroded resilience while Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has been faced with an economic blockade imposed by Armenia, over the last twenty years. Despite these challenges the Government of Azerbaijan and the Autonomous Government of Nakhchivan under the leadership of Chairman Vasif Talibov (chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan) has pursued a vibrant diplomacy with other neighboring nations, admirable urban development, public works and a meticulous attention to education infrastructure and curriculum development evident on all education levels. All of these achievements have made Nakhchivan a region of Azerbaijan that has set a perfect example that could be emulated by other countries in Europe and Central Asia.

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