David Santulli: “Nakhchivan, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan”

David Santulli: “Nakhchivan, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan

City of Nakhchivan, view from the plane (Photo: Courtesy of WikiCommons)

By Peter Tase

The Islamic World has three principal vehicles of artistic expression and such a cultural wealth can be tremendously appreciated in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan), all of its artistic components including: architecture (Ajami Nakhchivani, a XII Century architect and designer of:  Yusif ibn Kuseyir tomb, Momine Khatun Mausoleum, Nakhchivan Juma Mosque,  to mention a few), the arts of the book (illustration and calligraphy founded by Nashavi Haddad ibn Assim, Izzaddin Abulfazi Doblatshah known as-Sahibi, Afig Ordubadi, Mirza Mahammad Ordubadi and others) and the arts of the object (including metalwork, ceramics, woodwork, textiles and glass).  All of these revered forms of artistic expression were recently experienced by Mr. David Santulli, president of United Planet, a nonprofit



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