What is expected in Syria? – International experts – EXCLUSIVE

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On 8th of September, 2018 Tehran summit on the Syrian issue was held in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani  hosted his Russian and Turkish counterparts – Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan – amid growing international warnings over a looming humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib, a province hosting more than three million people, half of whom are internally displaced.
To remind, Iran and Russia are major allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Turkey backs certain rebel groups, including some in Idlib, who are seeking his removal.
Eurasia Diary tried to clarify the real expectations within this summit held in Tehran, thus 2 famous political experts in the face of Peter Tase and Paul Goble shared with Eurasia Diary their vision about the current situation in Idlib and Tehran Summit.
Peter Tase, American journalist, expert on political and international relations at the University of Chicago, shared his thoughts linked to the purposes of a summit held in Tehran and touched upon Nagorno -Karabakh dispute between Azerbaijan- Armenia.
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Peter Tase – Political analyst
He stressed: “The trilateral Summit between Turkey, Russia and Iran; will address many pressing issues on Syria and the Middle East. Currently there are five main geopolitical currents that are guiding the fragile situation in Syria and the Middle East: United States, European Union, Iran, Russia and Turkey.  This summit aims to pave the path of a peaceful solution to the Syrian Civil War; unfortunately the absence of Washington in this round table will reduce the chances of securing peace in the Middle East. This Summit on Syria sounds to be more like a gathering of two large countries that are facing major economic challenges, measures, legitimately imposed by the White House; and of course Turkey is participating due to its strategic position and as a neighbouring country of Syria and Russia.  Expectations of this summit are high, but little engagement of Western Powers will sharply reduce its outcomes. These three countries must urgently address the permanent solution of Azerbaijan’s full territorial sovereignty and make sure that Nagorno Karabakh and its seven districts are fully liberated from the occupation of Armenian Armed Forces and from Special Forces of other nationalities. It is cruc
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