Peter Tase: “The United States must take a leadership role towards solving the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict”

Peter Tase, International Programs Assistant of Marquette University (WI) and International Relations expert gave an interview to Washington Bureau of AzerTAc following her recent visit to Azerbaijan.
– You recently attended Baku Humanitarian Forum. What are your general impressions about the forum itself and the capital of Azerbaijan?
-Azerbaijan is not only the birthplace of fire but also is the foundation of genuine patriotism, hardworking people, consolidated democratic government and has emerged as a nation with avant-garde architecture in Eurasia. Azerbaijan is a dynamic young nation with a vibrant capital city. Over the last two decades Baku has become a genuine metropolitan city at the heart of Eurasia, which rivals some of the best western European capitals; it has also adopted its own urban landmarks similar to the Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, with exclusive shops and restaurants just like the wind city. I am honored to be part of this prestigious Global Forum in which more than 600 former heads of state, politicians, Nobel laureates, scholars, journalists and diplomats attended from over 60 countries around the world. Azerbaijan is currently playing a vital role towards fostering intercultural dialogue, religious tolerance and promotion of peace and democratic values worldwide. There is no other country in the world like Azerbaijan that invests so much time and energy towards preserving global peace and stability by organizing such strategic forums which help us in resolving today’s most pressing issues. Over the last decade, the government of President Ilham Aliyev has always emphasized the religious tolerance and peaceful solution of current regional and global disputes and pending disagreements.
– Metaphorically speaking, what puts Azerbaijan on the map for you? In other words, what is, in your opinion, significant about Azerbaijan that will draw attention of an American to the Land of Fire?

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Peter Tase: “The United States must take a leadership role towards solving the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict”

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