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PETER TASE 5023 N. Berkeley Blvd. Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 53217 (414) 906 0416 OBJECTIVE Legislative Aide or related position with the United States Congress using: – Several years of broad international experience on three different continents in education, ecology, public health and sustainable development, government – Experience with US Congress, local US governments and Foreign Executive governments including coordinating meeting between heads of state, providing in-depth constituent driven project and research support to members of congress – Fluency and research experience in five languages, with publications in two languages including both multi-language technical references and literary works. – Expertise at integrating research, persuasive and results oriented data into interactive reports and presentations for governmental institutions using advanced skills with IT resources – Familiarity with legal research, documentation related to trade and government demonstrating flexibility, perseverance, analytical and communication skills U.S. & INTERNTIONAL EDUCATION The Institute of World Politics Washington, D.C. Spring, 2011-Present Graduate Student Certificate of Graduate Study in National Security/Intelligence U. S. Peace Corps Training Guarambare, Paraguay Feb. – April, 2007 Trained for various sustainable development projects, local language and public health promotion Certificate of Appreciation: Contributing to sustainable development, global understanding and peace Marquette University, Les Aspin Center for Government, Washington, D.C. Certificate in Politics at the U. S. House of Representatives January – May, 2006 Study Areas: – U.S. Congress – Full semester congressional internship in Washington D.C. University Of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies Sept., 2001 – December, 2006 Honors in major courses Major GPA 3.8/4.0 Selected to attend prestigious colloquium and seminars on economics and society High Schools: Whitefish Bay – Milwaukee WI & Babe Dud Karbunara – Berat, Albania Achieved bi-lingual fluency and completed diploma (2001) in Albanian and English languages CURRENT POSITION Washington, D.C. Liaison, Milwaukee Regional Research Forum. 2010 -Present MRR Forum is a collaborative medical research initiative with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) which includes the Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Children’s Hospital & Health System, Froedtert Hospital, Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Blood Center of Wisconsin and with the Public Policy Forum. Council on Hemispheric Affairs Washington, D.C. Jan. 2011 – Present Research Fellow; Latin America and the Caribbean regions The Institute of World Politics January, 2011 – Present Research Associate & Graduate Student CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Broydrick and Associates Feb. 2011 – April, 2011 Special Assistant to Founder and CEO, Bill Broydrick Attended a number of Congressional hearings Prepared briefings on hearings on Health Care bills and Legislation Compiled information on International matters and projects U. S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C January – May,2006 Congressional Internship Office of Rep. Richard Pombo, (CA-11) • Provided leadership, intercultural sensitivity and professional representation during tours to constituents and foreign politicians and while attending political hearings and meetings on behalf of congressman • Prioritized, distributed and increased efficiency of processes related to incoming daily business projects • Corresponded with and completed research for constituents related to energy issues, agriculture and natural resources initiatives and public and private entities • Observed ceremony with presidential presentations in honor of Hungarian Freedom Revolution • Established contacts in Washington DC political community at multiple levels of power. Gained familiarity with buildings organization and functioning of US Legislative branch of political power and interaction of House and Senate. RESEARCH, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS & PUBLIC POLICY EXPERIENCE U.S. Peace Corps Washington, D.C. February, 2007- April, 2009 Rural Health & Sanitation Advisor Paraguay, Rural Health and Sanitation Project • Completed research regarding medically recommended practices, rural health trends and related traditional cultural customs to develop culturally sensitive curriculum and educational materials • Identified healthcare priorities through interviews with 45 families in two villages regarding their specific health needs and health concerns • Established successful health intervention and education projects in school, local village health post, and district hospital including weekly and monthly presentations and medicine distribution programs and special large scale and individualized services as needed. • Established a needed Local Health Commission with 8 Community members in Teniénte Sánchez, Villalbin (200 mile south of Asuncion) • Performed health trainings related to HIV-AIDS, Dental Hygiene and parasite prevention and taught rural Health and Education authorities how to plan and execute a sustainable community-based project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. • Presented targeted health information and education in local language to community leaders, heads of households and individual adults and children to create system wide sustainable outcomes and practices. McKinley Reserve, Milwaukee, WI October, 2005 – December, 2005 Research Intern • Assisted Board of Directors with foreign real estate and Caribbean investment opportunities • Gained insight regarding impact of globalization on foreign trade and international business • Developed a report on Foreign Direct Investment, Governmental law and relevant Jamaican economics Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S. C. Milwaukee, WI May, 2005 – October, 2005 Telecommunications intern • Assisted with representation of Wisconsin Telecommunications Local Government Coalition WTCO, over 36 local governments and school districts in addressing their lawsuit regarding telecommunication business maters and overbilling by contracted service provider. • Researched and compared records and invoice statements regarding charges to local government and School districts as part of an investigation regarding illegal billing practices and telecommunications purchasing SPECIAL SKILLS & ACOMPLISHMENTS Public Speaking Establishing Rapport with Diverse Individuals Generating New Solutions Following directions Prioritizing, Delegating and Project Multi-tasking Cultural Sensitivity Evaluating reports, analyzing and summarizing information and writing articulate memos Music, photography, graphic illustration, authorship and editing of published books including: Published two bilingual and one simultaneous dictionaries using Italian, Albanian, Spanish, Guaraní and English Currently and previously employed in various short and long term positions, demonstrating consistent positive work ethic, reliability, and both self and team management success under pressure


ABŞ-dan olan ekspert: “Onlar beynəlxalq hüququ qoruyarkən şəhid olub”

Leyla Məhərrəmova/AZADİNFORM. “Qarabağda 5 Azərbaycan hərbçisinin öldürülməsi Ağ Ev və Pentaqon tərəfindən pislənilməlidir”. Bu fikri Azadinform-a açıqlamasında amerikalı siyasi ekspert Piter Teys deyib.

O qeyd edib ki, ATƏT və Avropa İttifaqı üçün sakitliyi qorumaq və  bəyanat vermək adət halını alıb, lakin bunun Azərbaycanın suveren ərazilərində olan erməni silahlı qüvvələrinə əhəmiyyətli təsiri yoxdur.

P.Teys bildirib ki, Ermənistan hakimiyyətinin Azərbaycan ərazilərində işğalı davam etdirməsinin bir neçə səbəbi var: “Birinci səbəb BMT, ATƏT, ABŞ Dövlət Departamenti də daxil olmaqla beynəlxalq aktorların məsuliyyətsizliyidir. İkinci səbəb  Ermənistanın daxilindəki qarışıqlıq xalqın daha çox ziyan çəkməsinə səbəb olur, lakin hakimiyyət təmas xəttindən xalqın diqqətini yayındırmaq üçün istifadə edir”.

O əlavə edib ki, 5 əsgər beynəlxalq hüququ, öz torpaqlarını və Ermənistan tərəfindən hər gün pozulan  insan haqlarını qəhrəmancasına müdafiə edərkən şəhid olub: “Hesab edirəm ki, beynəxalq birlik Cənubi Qafqaz regionunda qanunun aliliyini müdafiə etməlidir və Ermənistan tərəfindən BMT TŞ-nin qətnamələrinə riayət edilməsini təmin etməlidir”.

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Dear Old Nakhchivan BY PETER TASE MAR 30, 2017

Dear Old Nakhchivan
Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan’s westernmost province, welcomes everyone – including a novelist with no guidebook; it is heralded as a museum without walls. This region of Azerbaijan stretches on over 5,500 square kilometers and borders Armenia, Iran and Turkey.

Despite of the economic blockade imposed by Armenia government against Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan (for over two decades), the birthplace of Architect Ajami ibn Abubakr Nakhchivani – and home of Prophet Noah – has dedicated most of its territory solely to illuminating research into: ancient civilizations, global archeology, human history, Azerbaijani historiography and sociology and is testimony of ancient life and inventions that have enabled men to live in harmony with nature. Some of these culturally peculiar monuments are: Alibay Kehriz, Alinja Mint, Arafsa site and its Sacred Place.

Strolling in the Tabriz Street of Ordubad City, tourists will be fascinated by the historical monument of Alibay Kehriz (a kehriz constructed by Alibay):   it was built in the floating deposits of Ordubad river and is a simple shape kehriz monument that continues to preserve its characteristic nature up to this day. The stairs of this monument proceed down perpendicularly to the kehriz stream. The base, bottom half of kehriz has been enlarged in size, overtime: its length is 1.8 meters, it has a width of 1.5 meters and a height of 2.3 meters. The walls of Alibay Kehriz have been carved neatly, however at the top section there is a big rock piece that has remained untouched. Based on the early plans and its current structure: the length of the monument is 4.93 meters; its width is 1.5 meters; and has a depth from the ground surface of up to 4.56 meters. The height of the entrance from the ground surface is 1.9 meters. The fresh water resources of Alibay Kehriz is used by locals for daily consumption……………

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Albantapa, Akhura Kultapasi: Unique Azerbaijani Archeological Monuments – OpEd

Map of Azerbaijan showing Sharur Region. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Map of Azerbaijan showing Sharur Region. Source: Wikipedia Commons.


As the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (Azerbaijan) is preparing to be the world’s principal hub of Islamic culture (in 2018), a number of archeological monuments have facilitated a growth of various sectors such as cultural tourism, archeological expeditions, sustainable economic growth, it has concurrently expanded the knowledge about ancient history to many international experts.

All of these remarkable accomplishments are taking place in a vulnerable region where peace and security have a corroded resilience while Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has been faced with an economic blockade imposed by Armenia, over the last twenty years. Despite these challenges the Government of Azerbaijan and the Autonomous Government of Nakhchivan under the leadership of Chairman Vasif Talibov (chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan) has pursued a vibrant diplomacy with other neighboring nations, admirable urban development, public works and a meticulous attention to education infrastructure and curriculum development evident on all education levels. All of these achievements have made Nakhchivan a region of Azerbaijan that has set a perfect example that could be emulated by other countries in Europe and Central Asia.

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Dear old Nakhchivan

By Peter Tase Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan’s westernmost province, welcomes everyone – including a novelist with no guidebook; it is heralded as a museum without walls.  Thi… Read more

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Peter Tase is a contributor, freelance journalist and a research scholar of International Affairs, Paraguayan Studies, Middle East Studies and Latin American Affairs, located in the United States. Educated at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Marquette University Les Aspin Center for Government; Tase is the author of “Simultaneous Dictionary in Five Languages: Guarani, English, Italian, Albanian and Spanish” and “El Dr. FEDERICO FRANCO y Su Mandato Presidencial en la Historia del Paraguay.” He’s a frequent contributor to Foreign Policy News. His personal website is


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img_0361Bakı, 9 fevral, AZƏRTAC

Ermənistan Azərbaycanın suveren ərazisi olan Dağlıq Qarabağ bölgəsindən və yeddi ətraf rayonundan işğalçı ordusunu çıxarmalı və beynəlxalq hüququn prinsiplərinə, BMT Təhlükəsizlik Şurasının qətnamələrinə hörmət etməlidir. Yerevan mövcud status-kvonu saxlamaqdan əl çəkməli və Bakı ilə danışıqlara başlamalıdır.

Bu sözləri beynəlxalq münasibətlər üzrə tanınmış amerikalı ekspert Peter Tase “Eurasia Diary”yə məxsusi müsahibəsində deyib. P.Tase Dağlıq Qarabağ münaqişəsi, ABŞ-ın yeni Prezidenti Donald Trampın Cənubi Qafqaz siyasəti və digər maraqlı məsələlər barədə sualları cavablandırıb. AZƏRTAC müsahibəni təqdim edir.

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Amerikalı ekspert: “Ermənistan Azərbaycanın Dağlıq Qarabağ regionundan və ətraf rayonlarından işğalçı ordusunu çıxartmalıdır” – ÖZƏL

MüsahibəA- A A+
“Ermənistan Azərbaycanın suveren ərazisi olan Dağlıq Qarabağ və yeddi ətraf rayonlarından işğalçı ordusunu çıxartmalı və beynəlxalq hüququn prinsiplərinə, BMT-nin Təhlükəsizlik Şurasının qətnamələrinə hörmət etməlidir. Yerevan status-kvo-dan əl çəkməli və Azərbaycan rəhbərliyi ilə danışıqlara başlamalıdır.” Bu sözləri beynəlxalq münasibətlər üzrə tanınmış Amerikalı ekspert Peter Tase  “Eurasia Diary”-yə özəl müsahibəsində deyib. P. Tase Dağlıq Qarabağ münaqişəsi, ABŞ-ın yeni prezidenti Donald Trumpın Cənubi Qafqaz siyasəti və digər maraqlı məsələlər barədə sualları cavablandırıb. Həmin müsahibəni təqdim edirik.
Eurasia Diary: Tramp admnistrasiyasının Cənubi Qafqaz və Şərqi Avropa üzrə xarici siyasətini necə görürsüz? 


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