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PETER TASE 5023 N. Berkeley Blvd. Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 53217 (414) 906 0416 OBJECTIVE Legislative Aide or related position with the United States Congress using: – Several years of broad international experience on three different continents in education, ecology, public health and sustainable development, government – Experience with US Congress, local US governments and Foreign Executive governments including coordinating meeting between heads of state, providing in-depth constituent driven project and research support to members of congress – Fluency and research experience in five languages, with publications in two languages including both multi-language technical references and literary works. – Expertise at integrating research, persuasive and results oriented data into interactive reports and presentations for governmental institutions using advanced skills with IT resources – Familiarity with legal research, documentation related to trade and government demonstrating flexibility, perseverance, analytical and communication skills U.S. & INTERNTIONAL EDUCATION The Institute of World Politics Washington, D.C. Spring, 2011-Present Graduate Student Certificate of Graduate Study in National Security/Intelligence U. S. Peace Corps Training Guarambare, Paraguay Feb. – April, 2007 Trained for various sustainable development projects, local language and public health promotion Certificate of Appreciation: Contributing to sustainable development, global understanding and peace Marquette University, Les Aspin Center for Government, Washington, D.C. Certificate in Politics at the U. S. House of Representatives January – May, 2006 Study Areas: – U.S. Congress – Full semester congressional internship in Washington D.C. University Of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies Sept., 2001 – December, 2006 Honors in major courses Major GPA 3.8/4.0 Selected to attend prestigious colloquium and seminars on economics and society High Schools: Whitefish Bay – Milwaukee WI & Babe Dud Karbunara – Berat, Albania Achieved bi-lingual fluency and completed diploma (2001) in Albanian and English languages CURRENT POSITION Washington, D.C. Liaison, Milwaukee Regional Research Forum. 2010 -Present MRR Forum is a collaborative medical research initiative with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) which includes the Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Children’s Hospital & Health System, Froedtert Hospital, Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Blood Center of Wisconsin and with the Public Policy Forum. Council on Hemispheric Affairs Washington, D.C. Jan. 2011 – Present Research Fellow; Latin America and the Caribbean regions The Institute of World Politics January, 2011 – Present Research Associate & Graduate Student CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Broydrick and Associates Feb. 2011 – April, 2011 Special Assistant to Founder and CEO, Bill Broydrick Attended a number of Congressional hearings Prepared briefings on hearings on Health Care bills and Legislation Compiled information on International matters and projects U. S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C January – May,2006 Congressional Internship Office of Rep. Richard Pombo, (CA-11) • Provided leadership, intercultural sensitivity and professional representation during tours to constituents and foreign politicians and while attending political hearings and meetings on behalf of congressman • Prioritized, distributed and increased efficiency of processes related to incoming daily business projects • Corresponded with and completed research for constituents related to energy issues, agriculture and natural resources initiatives and public and private entities • Observed ceremony with presidential presentations in honor of Hungarian Freedom Revolution • Established contacts in Washington DC political community at multiple levels of power. Gained familiarity with buildings organization and functioning of US Legislative branch of political power and interaction of House and Senate. RESEARCH, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS & PUBLIC POLICY EXPERIENCE U.S. Peace Corps Washington, D.C. February, 2007- April, 2009 Rural Health & Sanitation Advisor Paraguay, Rural Health and Sanitation Project • Completed research regarding medically recommended practices, rural health trends and related traditional cultural customs to develop culturally sensitive curriculum and educational materials • Identified healthcare priorities through interviews with 45 families in two villages regarding their specific health needs and health concerns • Established successful health intervention and education projects in school, local village health post, and district hospital including weekly and monthly presentations and medicine distribution programs and special large scale and individualized services as needed. • Established a needed Local Health Commission with 8 Community members in Teniénte Sánchez, Villalbin (200 mile south of Asuncion) • Performed health trainings related to HIV-AIDS, Dental Hygiene and parasite prevention and taught rural Health and Education authorities how to plan and execute a sustainable community-based project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. • Presented targeted health information and education in local language to community leaders, heads of households and individual adults and children to create system wide sustainable outcomes and practices. McKinley Reserve, Milwaukee, WI October, 2005 – December, 2005 Research Intern • Assisted Board of Directors with foreign real estate and Caribbean investment opportunities • Gained insight regarding impact of globalization on foreign trade and international business • Developed a report on Foreign Direct Investment, Governmental law and relevant Jamaican economics Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S. C. Milwaukee, WI May, 2005 – October, 2005 Telecommunications intern • Assisted with representation of Wisconsin Telecommunications Local Government Coalition WTCO, over 36 local governments and school districts in addressing their lawsuit regarding telecommunication business maters and overbilling by contracted service provider. • Researched and compared records and invoice statements regarding charges to local government and School districts as part of an investigation regarding illegal billing practices and telecommunications purchasing SPECIAL SKILLS & ACOMPLISHMENTS Public Speaking Establishing Rapport with Diverse Individuals Generating New Solutions Following directions Prioritizing, Delegating and Project Multi-tasking Cultural Sensitivity Evaluating reports, analyzing and summarizing information and writing articulate memos Music, photography, graphic illustration, authorship and editing of published books including: Published two bilingual and one simultaneous dictionaries using Italian, Albanian, Spanish, Guaraní and English Currently and previously employed in various short and long term positions, demonstrating consistent positive work ethic, reliability, and both self and team management success under pressure


Krug 99 – Kriva interpretacija pojmova u političkoj retorici

Foto Fena: Hazim Aljović

SARAJEVO, 22. oktobra (FENA) – Članovi Asocijacije intelektualaca „Krug 99“ na današnjoj redovnoj sesiji konstatovali su da sve dotle dok se u političkoj retorici u BiH krivo interpretiraju pojmovi konstitutivnost naroda, vitalni nacionalni interes i specijalne paralelne veze, BiH neće biti država sa visoko razvijenim standardima.



Peter Tase: Russia-NATO meeting in Baku is a testimony to Azerbaijan’s tangible contributions to world peace


Peter Tase: Russia-NATO meeting in Baku is a testimony to Azerbaijan’s tangible contributions to world peace

The September 7th meeting between between General Valery Gerasimov (first deputy minister of defense) with General Petr Pavel (chairman of the NATO Military Committee) is a testimony to Azerbaijan’s tangible contributions to world peace, prosperity and promotion of dialogue among cultures and nations, American expert on international relations Peter Tase said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

“Baku has earned equal importance as any other European city where major multilateral agreements have taken shape over the last decade,” he stressed.

American expert recalled that on February 16th, 2017, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Valery Gerasimov met face to face for the first time since 2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The September 7th meeting between Gerasimov with Petr Pavel was the second major meeting that has placed Baku at the center stage of International politics and has emerged as a balanced city where a series of crucial negotiations and effective dialogue has taken place among the military leadership of Russian Federation (the world’s largest country) and NATO Leadership (the world’s strongest and oldest defense alliance).


Ermənistanın fəaliyyətini yalnız Nigeriyadakı “Boko Haram” terror qruplaşması ilə müqayisə etmək olar – politoloq

26 May 2017, 15:50 (GMT +4)

Bakı, 26 may, SalamNews, A.Bayramova. “Ermənistanın Azərbaycan ərazilərini işğal etməsi, Cənubi Qafqazda iqtisadi çətinlik yaratması, bütün beynəlxalq qanunları pozması onların təkəbbüründən irəli gəlir”.

Bunu SalamNews-a amerikalı politoloq Piter Teys deyib.

Onun sözlərinə görə, ABŞ Prezidenti Donald Tramp xarici səfər turuna çıxdığı bir vaxtda Ermənistan yenə cəbhə xəttində gərginlik yaşadır, bölgədə dağıdıcı fəaliyyətlə məşğul olur: “Ötən günlər ərzində Ermənistan atəşkəsi 139 dəfədən çox pozub. Ermənistanın Avrasiya qitəsində zorakılıq həyata keçirən bir dövlət olduğunu unutmaq olmaz. Sözügedən ölkə yalnız mülki insanları hədəfə almır, həmçinin Azərbaycana məxsus 1600-dən çox mədəniyyət abidələrini məhv edib. Həmin abidələr dünya mədəniyyəti üçün qlobal əhəmiyyət daşıyır. Ermənistanın təxribatının və zorakılığının həcmini yalnız Nigeriyada fəaliyyət göstərən “Boko Haram” terror qruplaşması ilə müqayisə edə bilərik. Ermənistan beynəlxalq ictimaiyyəti heçə sayaraq öz ordusunu ən müasir minaatanlarla təchiz etməyə, Azərbaycanın Silahlı Qüvvələrinin mövqelərinə və yerli əhaliyə hücümlar etməyə davam edir”.

O, həmçinin ATƏT-in Minsk qrupunun fəaliyyətinə toxunub: “Onların aqressiv davranışlarının şahidi oluruq. Həmin strategiya dəyişməlidir. Biz yaxşı bilirik ki, Azərbaycan heç bir vaxt Ermənistanın işğalını qəbul etməyəcək. Həmçinin Ermənistan iyirmi ildən çoxdur blokadada saxladığı Naxçıvana qarşı iqtisadi sanskiyasını dayandırmalıdır. Digər tərəfdən ATƏT-in Minsk qrupu İrəvana təzyiqlər etməlidir ki, Serj Sarqsyan rejimi Sankt-Peterburqda və Vyana danışıqlarında əldə edilmiş razılıqları həyata keçirsin. Danışıqların davam etməsi hazırkı status-kvonu və işğalı sona çatdıra, münaqişənin sülh yolu ilə həllinə şərait yarada bilər”.


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Tase:”The example of Azerbaijani multicultural tradition is the only way that ensures peace in the world”

The example of Azerbaijan and its multicultural tradition and heritage is the only way that ensures economic growth, religious coexistence, peace and stability over the world-US expert

The reporter of Eurasia Diary interviewed Peter Tase, political analyst and expert on international relations at Marquette University.

Eurasia Diary: What is your opinion regarding multiculturalism and religious tolerance in Azerbaijan?

Peter Tase: While visiting the region of Oghuz, region of Ismailli and the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, it is evident that the Republic of Azerbaijan is a unique country where multiculturalism, interreligious dialogue, multifaceted tolerance, peaceful coexistence among religions and very effective government administration are the principal elements of the social fabric in this nation.  On May 9-12, 2017, under the leadership of Academician Prof. Dr. Kamal Abdullayev (Chairman of the Board of Baku International Multiculturalism Centre), the most important writer and philologist in contemporary Azerbaijan and professor Klaus Wolf from Augsburg University in Germany organized an international conference dedicated to Azerbaijani multiculturalism in Augsburg University, Germany. On this occasion, I was honored to join a group of international friends of Azerbaijan and distinguished scholars to commemorate the birthday anniversary of Azerbaijan’s National Leader, Heydar Aliyev; and to discuss the admirable values of multiculturalism among the people of Azerbaijan.

This conference was made possible thanks to the leadership and support of the President of Azerbaijan, H. E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev. Moreover, we had the opportunity to visit one of the largest synagogues in Germany and in Europe, that was built in 1914-1917, a magnificent religious monument that had survived World War II and was not destroyed by the Government of Adolf Hitler.  The treasures of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan are an example that should be followed by other nations of the world. We are conscious that building artificial walls, setting up barriers to the free flow of goods and human capital; mishandling of more than two million migrants and refugees that have crossed into Europe during the last two years will further escalate the division of visions, ideas and policies that are currently taking place in the European Union over the administration and the implementation of migration, asylum procedure and in the strategy of border security. The example of Azerbaijan and its multicultural tradition and heritage is the only way that ensures economic growth, religious coexistence and peace and stability over the world.

Eurasia Diary: How can you estimate the role of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the intercultural and inter-religious dialogue?

Peter Tase: The Republic of Azerbaijan has advocated for a more effective dialogue among religions and ethnic groups at the global stage including its effective participation and vital support to many forums, international organizations and multilateral discussions.  The restoration of cultural monuments such as the Gülüstan Monument in Julfa Region of Nakhchivan, the maintenance project of the Momine Khatun Mausoleum and of Noah’s mausoleum, are remarkable accomplishments of the government of Azerbaijan and of the government of Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan. Moreover, the restoration initiatives that are taking place in the villages of Lahij located in the region of Ismailli and Nij, a town located about forty kilometers to the south-west of Qabala. Regions are a true testimony of the impressive priority that the government of Azerbaijan has allocated towards the preservation of multicultural values, treasures and monuments that are inherited, for many centuries, in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan.

Eurasia Diary: How can you assess relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and UNESCO in cultural, educational and scientific fields?

Peter Tase: UNESCO will have a new Director General by the end of November 2017. Currently there are nine candidates from different countries that aspire to lead UNESCO during the next four years. Among them is the official candidate, nominated by the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ambassador Polad Bülbüloglu. As the next Director General of UNESCO, I strongly believe that Ambassador Bülbüloglu will further work to stop violent extremism, promote interfaith dialogue and mutual understanding.  Above all, Ambassador Bülbüloglu will be an instrumental force towards the protection of cultural heritage and strengthen education policies in the Landlocked Developing Countries. These areas are key factors towards the implementation of sustainable development goals.

Moreover, UNESCO’s incumbent leadership must undertake a visit to the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, to visit over a dozen historical sites that deserve to be included in the World Heritage List.  I am confident that Ambassador Bülbüloglu will have a genuine propensity towards the preservation of multiculturalism across many nations and will strive to preserve peace, increase the levels of education and literacy.

Eurasia Diary: How do you think, is secularism in Azerbaijan a suitable model to some Muslim countries?


Tase : Mass murders committed by ISIS are being emulated by the ruthless leadership of Yerevan

July 4th, is perhaps one of the saddest days in the modern history of Azerbaijan, Peter Tase, a political analyst and international relations expert with the Milwaukee-based Marquette University, told Azadinform.


“I am appalled that the International Community has not come out publicly with a united voice, in order to denounce the horrific crime against humanity that was committed only hours ago from the Armenian Armed Forces”, he said.


According  to him, it is certain that an overwhelming healthy consciousness of Western Democracies has been infected by a terrible virus that is called “Double Standards.”


I was expecting European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, to come out in public this morning and publicly condemn the atrocities committed by the Armenian Armed Forces in the Sovereign Territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan”,   said the  expert.


We are living in a world that is becoming ever more dangerous, it seems that mass murders committed by Islamic State in Syria and Iraq are being emulated by the ruthless leadership of Yerevan. As Robert K. Merton would say: the Islamic State is becoming a role model to Armenian Armed Forces.  To conclude, Armenian Armed Forces must withdraw its troops from every inch of the occupied sovereign territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  Azerbaijan deserves to live in peace and stability, the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) deserves to live in peace and harmony, noted Tase.

7.07.2017 11:35

Islamic Solidarity Games foster an intercultural dialogue

The Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games is an example that brings closer nations and cultures, it is an effective and fair sports competition, which fosters an intercultural dialogue, Peter Tase, a political analyst and international relations expert with the Milwaukee-based Marquette University.

The Games, which involve Indonesian, Turkish, Jordanian, Uzbek athletes, as well as those from many other countries, is a genuine competition taking place in the heart of Eurasian landmass, he said.


The Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games has become a unique example to follow and a valuable practice that ought to be applied, especially its effective organizational model, in other parts of the world, he added.


The Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games started May 8 and will last until May 22 in Azerbaijan’s capital on 16 sports grounds in 21 kinds of sports – 17 Olympic ones and three non-Olympic ones.

15.05.2017 15:09 /

“Yerevanın amansız rəhbərliyi Suriya və İraqda İŞİD tərəfindən törədilən kütləvi qətlləri imitasiya edir”

Leyla Məhərrəmova / AZADİNFORM. “4 iyul bəlkə də müasir Azərbaycan tarixində ən kədərli günlərdən biridir. Mən qorxuram ki, beynəlxalq birlik Ermənistan Silahlı Qüvvələri tərəfindən törədilmiş dəhşətli hadisəni pisləmək üçün səsini ucaltmasın”.

Bu fikirləri Azadinform-a ABŞ-dan olan siyasi ekspert Piter Teys Füzulidə dinc sakinlərin ermənilər tərəfindən qətlə yetirilməsinə münasibətində deyib. O qeyd edib ki, Qərb demokratiyasının sağlam şüurunun ikili standartlar deyilən virusa yoluxması bəllidir: “Mən gözləyirdim ki, Avropa Şurasının prezidenti Donald Tusk və Avropa Komissiyasının prezidenti Jen Klaud Yunker Azərbaycanın işğal edilmiş ərazilərində Ermənistan Silahlı Qüvvələri tərəfindən törədilənləri pisləyəcək. Lakin görürəm ki, biz getdikcə daha da təhlükəli olan dünyada yaşayırıq”.

Ekspert hesab edir ki, Yerevanın amansız rəhbərliyi Suriya və İraqda İŞİD tərəfindən törədilən kütləvi qətlləri imitasiya edir: “İŞİD Ermənistan Silahlı Qüvvələri üçün modelə çevrilib. Ermənistan Silahlı Qüvvələri öz qoşunlarını işğal edilmiş ərazilərdən geri çəkməlidir. Azərbaycan sülh və stabillik şəraitində yaşamağa layiqdir”.

6.07.2017 11:15

Teys: “Görüşdən pozitiv nəticə gözləmirəm”

Leyla Məhərrəmova / AZADİNFORM. “ATƏT-in Minsk qrupunun çoxlu sayda diplomatlarının və nümayəndələrinin Azərbaycanın işğal edilmiş ərazilərinə səfər etməsinə və qoşunların təmas xəttində monitorinq keçirilməsinə baxmayaraq Yerevanın silahlı təxribatları dayanmayıb. Ermənilər Azərbaycan xalqına, Qafqazda sülh və təhlükəsizliyə zərər vurmaqda davam edir”.

Bu fikirləri Azadinform-a açıqlamasında ABŞ-dan olan siyasi ekspert Piter Teys bildirib. O qeyd edib ki, Minsk qrupu tərəfindən Azərbaycan və Ermənistan hakimiyyəti nümayəndələri arasında keçirilən görüşlər tərəflərin dialoq aparması və Dağlıq Qarabağ münaqişəsinin sona çatması üçün razılıq əldə edilməsi baxımından vacibdir. Lakin ATƏT bəzi məsələlərdə qərəzli mövqe tutub, zəiflik nümayiş etdirib.

Ekspert həmçinin ATƏT-in Minsk qrupu tərəfindən Azərbaycan və Ermənistan XİN rəhbərlərinin də iştirakı ilə keçiriləcək görüş barədə də danışıb. O qeyd edib ki, silahlı qüvvələrini işğal edilmiş ərazilərdən çıxarmaqdan boyun qaçıran Ermənistan üçün bu  görüş ritorika və qanunsuz status-kvonu davam etdirmək üçün şans olacaq: “Mən bu  görüş ərzində hər hansı pozitiv nəticə və ya real irəliləyiş olacağını düşünmürəm”.

29.06.2017 11:02 / Baxılıb: 607


The 72nd session of the UN General Assembly will kick off today iN

New York. Draft resolutions titled “The situation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan” and “Protracted conflicts in the GUAM area and their implications for international peace, security and development” are included in the provisional agenda of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. Seemingly, this year as in the previous UN General Assembly sessions, abovementioned draft resolutions may not be submitted for discussion. It is well-known fact that issues of global and regional importance, threatening peace and integrity are the main topics for discussions in the annual General Assembly sessions. Despite the fact that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is the major menace to the regional security and above all, a major impediment in implementing the UN sustainable development goals (SDG), for many years United Nations limit themselves with certain statements noting that this issue is within the competence of the OSCE Minsk Group. Theoretically, it can be a substantiated argument, but given the fact that any issues of regional and global concern should be at the heart of an international organization, it provokes important questions. So, why the draft resolutions on the Nagorno-Karabakh problem remained unaddressed in previous UN GA sessions? And, is it expected to be so this year as well?

Peter Tase, a journalist and International Senior Adviser to the Chicago-Kent College of Law considers that it largely depends on the outcome of planned meetings between Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers and possibly presidents on the sidelines of UN GA this year.