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PETER TASE 5023 N. Berkeley Blvd. Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 53217 (414) 906 0416 OBJECTIVE Legislative Aide or related position with the United States Congress using: – Several years of broad international experience on three different continents in education, ecology, public health and sustainable development, government – Experience with US Congress, local US governments and Foreign Executive governments including coordinating meeting between heads of state, providing in-depth constituent driven project and research support to members of congress – Fluency and research experience in five languages, with publications in two languages including both multi-language technical references and literary works. – Expertise at integrating research, persuasive and results oriented data into interactive reports and presentations for governmental institutions using advanced skills with IT resources – Familiarity with legal research, documentation related to trade and government demonstrating flexibility, perseverance, analytical and communication skills U.S. & INTERNTIONAL EDUCATION The Institute of World Politics Washington, D.C. Spring, 2011-Present Graduate Student Certificate of Graduate Study in National Security/Intelligence U. S. Peace Corps Training Guarambare, Paraguay Feb. – April, 2007 Trained for various sustainable development projects, local language and public health promotion Certificate of Appreciation: Contributing to sustainable development, global understanding and peace Marquette University, Les Aspin Center for Government, Washington, D.C. Certificate in Politics at the U. S. House of Representatives January – May, 2006 Study Areas: – U.S. Congress – Full semester congressional internship in Washington D.C. University Of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies Sept., 2001 – December, 2006 Honors in major courses Major GPA 3.8/4.0 Selected to attend prestigious colloquium and seminars on economics and society High Schools: Whitefish Bay – Milwaukee WI & Babe Dud Karbunara – Berat, Albania Achieved bi-lingual fluency and completed diploma (2001) in Albanian and English languages CURRENT POSITION Washington, D.C. Liaison, Milwaukee Regional Research Forum. 2010 -Present MRR Forum is a collaborative medical research initiative with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) which includes the Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Children’s Hospital & Health System, Froedtert Hospital, Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Blood Center of Wisconsin and with the Public Policy Forum. Council on Hemispheric Affairs Washington, D.C. Jan. 2011 – Present Research Fellow; Latin America and the Caribbean regions The Institute of World Politics January, 2011 – Present Research Associate & Graduate Student CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Broydrick and Associates Feb. 2011 – April, 2011 Special Assistant to Founder and CEO, Bill Broydrick Attended a number of Congressional hearings Prepared briefings on hearings on Health Care bills and Legislation Compiled information on International matters and projects U. S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C January – May,2006 Congressional Internship Office of Rep. Richard Pombo, (CA-11) • Provided leadership, intercultural sensitivity and professional representation during tours to constituents and foreign politicians and while attending political hearings and meetings on behalf of congressman • Prioritized, distributed and increased efficiency of processes related to incoming daily business projects • Corresponded with and completed research for constituents related to energy issues, agriculture and natural resources initiatives and public and private entities • Observed ceremony with presidential presentations in honor of Hungarian Freedom Revolution • Established contacts in Washington DC political community at multiple levels of power. Gained familiarity with buildings organization and functioning of US Legislative branch of political power and interaction of House and Senate. RESEARCH, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS & PUBLIC POLICY EXPERIENCE U.S. Peace Corps Washington, D.C. February, 2007- April, 2009 Rural Health & Sanitation Advisor Paraguay, Rural Health and Sanitation Project • Completed research regarding medically recommended practices, rural health trends and related traditional cultural customs to develop culturally sensitive curriculum and educational materials • Identified healthcare priorities through interviews with 45 families in two villages regarding their specific health needs and health concerns • Established successful health intervention and education projects in school, local village health post, and district hospital including weekly and monthly presentations and medicine distribution programs and special large scale and individualized services as needed. • Established a needed Local Health Commission with 8 Community members in Teniénte Sánchez, Villalbin (200 mile south of Asuncion) • Performed health trainings related to HIV-AIDS, Dental Hygiene and parasite prevention and taught rural Health and Education authorities how to plan and execute a sustainable community-based project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. • Presented targeted health information and education in local language to community leaders, heads of households and individual adults and children to create system wide sustainable outcomes and practices. McKinley Reserve, Milwaukee, WI October, 2005 – December, 2005 Research Intern • Assisted Board of Directors with foreign real estate and Caribbean investment opportunities • Gained insight regarding impact of globalization on foreign trade and international business • Developed a report on Foreign Direct Investment, Governmental law and relevant Jamaican economics Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S. C. Milwaukee, WI May, 2005 – October, 2005 Telecommunications intern • Assisted with representation of Wisconsin Telecommunications Local Government Coalition WTCO, over 36 local governments and school districts in addressing their lawsuit regarding telecommunication business maters and overbilling by contracted service provider. • Researched and compared records and invoice statements regarding charges to local government and School districts as part of an investigation regarding illegal billing practices and telecommunications purchasing SPECIAL SKILLS & ACOMPLISHMENTS Public Speaking Establishing Rapport with Diverse Individuals Generating New Solutions Following directions Prioritizing, Delegating and Project Multi-tasking Cultural Sensitivity Evaluating reports, analyzing and summarizing information and writing articulate memos Music, photography, graphic illustration, authorship and editing of published books including: Published two bilingual and one simultaneous dictionaries using Italian, Albanian, Spanish, Guaraní and English Currently and previously employed in various short and long term positions, demonstrating consistent positive work ethic, reliability, and both self and team management success under pressure


Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, and Gambia's President Adama Barrow speak during a joint press conference at the presidential palace in Ankara, Turkey, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. Barrow is in Turkey for a two-day state visit.(Kayhan Ozer/Pool Photo via AP)

The U.S. alliance with Turkey

The ongoing war in Syria coupled with the United States’ failure to extradite Fethullah Gulen, a radical Muslim cleric indicted by Turkish prosecutors for, among a plethora of other grave offenses, staging last year’s attempted coup d’etat against the democratically elected government of Turkey, have badly deteriorated bilateral cooperation between the two nations.


Article on Peter Tase, published by John Brown, US Diplomat

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A Princeton PhD, was a US diplomat for over 20 years, mostly in Eastern Europe, and was promoted to the Senior Foreign Service in 1997. For the Open World Leadership Center, he speaks with its delegates from Europe/Eurasia on the topic, “E Pluribus Unum? What Keeps the United States United” ( Affiliated with Georgetown University ( for over ten years, he still shares ideas with students about public diplomacy. The papers of his deceased father — poet and diplomat John L. Brown — are stored at Georgetown University Special Collections at the Lauinger Library. They are manuscript materials valuable to scholars interested in post-WWII U.S.-European cultural relations. This blog is dedicated to him, Dr. John L. Brown, a remarkable linguist/humanist who wrote in the Foreign Service Journal (1964) — years before “soft power” was ever coined — that “The CAO [Cultural Affairs Officer] soon comes to realize that his job is really a form of love-making and that making love is never really successful unless both partners are participating.”


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Peter Tase: Azerbaijan’s democratic standards matured

Trend, AzerNews

Aliyev image (not from article) from


Presidential election period is an important event that ensures stability and progress in government institutions and preserves well being among all Azerbaijani citizens, political analyst and international relations expert at the Milwaukee-based Marquette University Peter Tase told Trend.

He further said that Azerbaijan’s democratic standards have matured, and the country has stable economic growth.

Next presidential election in Azerbaijan is to be held on April 11, 2018, according to an order signed Feb. 5 by the country’s President Ilham Aliyev. According to the Calendar Plan of Azerbaijan’s Central Election Commission (CEC), pre-election campaigning starts 23 days prior to the voting day and is stopped 24 hours before the start of voting. Thus, the campaigning will start on March 19 and end at 08:00 (local time) on April 10.

“This year will mark impressive accomplishments in the strengthening of Azerbaijani democracy, essential progress in the war against poverty and unemployment, as well as make Azerbaijan a nation that can be used as an example in the region for its transparent institutions and consolidated democratic standards,” Tase said.

Tase further noted that the major improvements and accomplishments in the infrastructure, education policies, tourism and public diplomacy, make incumbent President Ilham Aliyev the best candidate and certainly ensure his upcoming electoral victory in 2018. …


PETER TASE, “Spero News” contributor sees Muslim tolerance in Azerbaijan

Spero News contributor Peter Tase, a widely traveled lecturer on geopolitical topics, delivered a keynote lecture at the International University of Travnik (IUT) in Bosnia and Herzegovina that focused on what he asserts are the values of multiculturalism promoted by Azerbaijan that were assailed by Armenia during the Nagorno-Karabakh War. Since his presentation in October, Tase told Spero News, “Since the early Middle Ages, the dominant current of Islam among Azerbaijani religious scholars has been Tasawwuf — the traditional Islamic teaching of self-improvement and spirituality— which in the West is better known as Sufism. Sufism promotes love, brotherhood, and harmony with people, regardless of their ethnic and religious identity, and has played a major role throughout the Islamic world in spreading tolerance towards other religions, cultures, and races.”

Tase recently returned from a trip to western Azerbaijan where he visited the Tartar region that borders on the region controlled by Armenia.


Amerikalı ekspert ADU tələbələri ilə görüşüb

Oktyabrın 13-də Azərbaycan Dillər Universitetinin (ADU) Multikulturalizm elmi-tədqiqat laboratoriyasında amerikalı jurnalist, müstəqil tədqiqatçı, beynəlxalq münasibətlər üzrə ekspert Piter Teys Filologiya və jurnalistika fakültəsinin tələbələri ilə görüşüb.

Görüşdə P.Teys “ABŞ-da multikulturalizm ənənələri. Müasir mədəni müxtəlifliyə giriş” mövzusunda məruzə ilə çıxış edib.

“Multikulturalizmin Azərbaycan  modeli” mövzusunda tədqiqatın aparılması məqsədi ilə Bakı Beynəlxalq Multikulturalizm Mərkəzinin dəvəti əsasında ölkəmizdə səfərdə olan P.Teys öz məruzəsində ABŞ-da multikulturalizm ənənələrinin araşdırılması və davam etdirilməsi, müxtəlifliyin qorunmasına yönəlmiş addımlar, xalqların və etnik qrupların mədəni dəyərləri, müasir dövrdə ona yanaşma formaları haqqında danışıb. O, həmçinin Azərbaycanın özünəməxsus multikulturalizm modeli ilə dünyada tanınan bir ölkə olduğunu söyləyərək ölkəmizdəki multikultural dəyərləri, tolerantlıq ənənələrini yüksək qiymətləndirib. P.Teys ölkə Prezidenti İlham Əliyevin multikulturalizmin Azərbaycanda dövlət siyasəti olması ilə bağlı dediyi sözləri əsas tutaraq multikulturalizmin Azərbaycan və ABŞ modelləri arasında müqayisəli təhlil aparıb.

Görüşün davamında qonaq tələbələri maraqlandıran sualları cavablandırıb.

See the VIDEO:

Prof. Peter Tase iz SAD-a održao predavanje studentima i akademskom osoblju IUT-a

Peter Tase Slide show

U Amfiteatru Internacionalnog univerziteta Travnik u Travniku, ispunjenom do posljednjeg mjesta, u petak, 20.10.2017.g., studentima i akademskim osobljem univerziteta, ali i predstavnicima diplomatskog kora u Bosni i Hercegovini, gost predavač iz Sjedinjenih Američkih Država, Prof. Peter Tase je održao zaista inspirativno predavanje na temu:

“Azerbejdžan i Bosna i Hercegovina; multikulturalizam, religijska tolerancija i bilateralna saradnja”.

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Azərbaycan həqiqətləri amerikalı politoloqun təqdimatında

Multikulturalizm Mərkəzində tədqiqat təcrübəsi keçən ABŞ-dan olan jurnalist və siyasi araşdırmaçı Peter Teys Bosniya Herseqovinanın Travnik Universitetində Azərbaycan multikulturalizmi ilə bağlı mühazirə ilə çıxış edib. Olaylar bildirir ki, tədbir Universitetin 10 illik yubileyi ilə əlaqədar BBMM-in təşkilatçılığı və professor  Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialicin təşəbbüsü ilə baş tutub. Peter Teys  mühazirəsində  Azərbaycanın multikultural dəyərləri, Dağlıq Qarabağ münaqişəsi və Ermənistan silahlı qüvvələri tərəfindən insanlıq əleyhinə törədilən cinayətlərdən bəhs edib.  Mühazirədə eyni zamanda Azərbaycanın qədim arxitektura ənənələrinə, Memar Əcəmi Naxçıvani tərəfindən yaradılan abidələrin arxitektur baxımından unikallığı vurgulanıb.

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“Bosniya və Herseqovinada keçirilən konfransın məqsədi bu idi…” – AMERİKALI JURNALİST

Dünyada multikulturalizmin Azərbaycan modelinə böyük maraq göstərirlər. Sarayevoda keçirilən beynəlxalq konfransda bunun bir daha şahidi olduq.
Bunu -a açıqlamasında Amerikalı tədqiqatçı-jurnalist Peter Teys deyib. O bildirib ki, Bosniya və Herseqovinanın Beynəlxalq Travnik Universitetində keçirilən, multikulturalizmin Azərbaycan modelinə həsr olunan konfransda bu mövzuda və memar Əcəmi haqqında məruzə edib. Universitetin prosessor-müəllim heyətinin, tələbələrinin, Sarayevonun dövlət adamlarının iştirak etdiyi konfransda Azərbaycanın Bosniya və Hersoqovinadakı müvəqqəti işlər vəkili Elnur Quliyev də çıxış edib.
Konfransda 2016-cı ilin Azərbaycanda “Multikulturalizm ili” elan olunduğunu, həmin ildə bu istiqamətdə xeyli iş görüldüyünü xatırlatdığını bildirən Peter Teys deyib ki, məruzəsində multikulturalizmin Azərbaycan modeli barədə tədbir iştirakçılarına geniş məlumat verib.
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Azərbaycan multikulturalizmi amerikalı politoloq tərəfindən Bosniya və Herseqovinada təqdim olunub

Bakı, 24 oktyabr, AZƏRTAC

Bakı Beynəlxalq Multikulturalizm Mərkəzində (BBMM) tədqiqat təcrübəsi keçən ABŞ-dan olan jurnalist və siyasi araşdırmaçı Peter Teys Bosniya Herseqovinanın Travnik Universitetində Azərbaycan multikulturalizmi ilə bağlı mühazirə ilə çıxış edib. Tədbir universitetin 10 illik yubileyi ilə əlaqədar BBMM-in təşkilatçılığı və professor Sabahudin Hadzialicin təşəbbüsü

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David Santulli: “Nakhchivan, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan”

David Santulli: “Nakhchivan, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan

City of Nakhchivan, view from the plane (Photo: Courtesy of WikiCommons)

By Peter Tase

The Islamic World has three principal vehicles of artistic expression and such a cultural wealth can be tremendously appreciated in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan), all of its artistic components including: architecture (Ajami Nakhchivani, a XII Century architect and designer of:  Yusif ibn Kuseyir tomb, Momine Khatun Mausoleum, Nakhchivan Juma Mosque,  to mention a few), the arts of the book (illustration and calligraphy founded by Nashavi Haddad ibn Assim, Izzaddin Abulfazi Doblatshah known as-Sahibi, Afig Ordubadi, Mirza Mahammad Ordubadi and others) and the arts of the object (including metalwork, ceramics, woodwork, textiles and glass).  All of these revered forms of artistic expression were recently experienced by Mr. David Santulli, president of United Planet, a nonprofit