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PETER TASE, “Spero News” contributor sees Muslim tolerance in Azerbaijan

Spero News contributor Peter Tase, a widely traveled lecturer on geopolitical topics, delivered a keynote lecture at the International University of Travnik (IUT) in Bosnia and Herzegovina that focused on what he asserts are the values of multiculturalism promoted by Azerbaijan that were assailed by Armenia during the Nagorno-Karabakh War. Since his presentation in October, Tase told Spero News, “Since the early Middle Ages, the dominant current of Islam among Azerbaijani religious scholars has been Tasawwuf — the traditional Islamic teaching of self-improvement and spirituality— which in the West is better known as Sufism. Sufism promotes love, brotherhood, and harmony with people, regardless of their ethnic and religious identity, and has played a major role throughout the Islamic world in spreading tolerance towards other religions, cultures, and races.”

Tase recently returned from a trip to western Azerbaijan where he visited the Tartar region that borders on the region controlled by Armenia.



Sabahudin Hadzialic, distinguished writer of the Balkans


In early January, 2014, I had a memorable conversation with Sabahudin Hadzialic, a distinguished writer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Editor in Chief of Diogen: prokultur, a magazine published in Sarajevo. Hadzialic is a distinguished professor at the International University of Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovia.
Hadzialic shared some of his thoughts on literature, ethnic divide, cultural understanding, poetry as well as global initiatives.
For Hadzialic. today’s literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina faces many challenges, one of them is related to the quality of writting: “It is not difficult to write. It is difficult to know how to write…and everybody can write a poetry but only few can write a poem.”  Additionally, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is difficult to find a global artist and writer.
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