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“Paraguayan senate delays action on Venezuela’s admission to MERCOSUR”

   Wednesday, August 15, 2012. By Peter M. Tase.
Reacting to diplomatic initiatives on the part of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, the senate of Paraguay has decided to postpone their official resolution and decision on the recent admission of Venezuela as a full member of MERCOSUR, the South American trading bloc.  This action, introduced on August 9 by Senator Miguel Gonzalez, has found support from the nine Senators representing the UNACE Party, as well as a majority of Colorado Party senators. …
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Spain and Latin countries shun ParaguaySPAIN AND LATIN COUNTRIES SHUN PARAGUAY

Saturday, September 22, 2012

By Peter M. Tase

n September 20 the regional political isolation of Paraguay took on a new dimension. The Spanish government has so far refused to invite Paraguayan President Federico Franco to participate in the XXIISummit of the Ibero-American Organization ((Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos – OEI), scheduled for November 16-17 in Spain. The position taken by Spain is an unexpected turn that will further increase the isolation of Paraguay in the international arena and it may affect the bilateral relations between Spain and Paraguay in the future.

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Paraguay demands justice from MERCOSUR countries

Paraguay demands justice from MERCOSUR countriesParaguay demands justice from MERCOSUR countries

By  Peter M. Tase                                                                                          Sunday, September 16, 2012

 On September 14th, Paraguayan Foreign Minister José Félix Fernández Estigarribia under the instructions of the Paraguayan President, handed a formal diplomatic note of protest to representatives of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, reiterating again the staunch position of President Federico Franco’s government in protest against  “the decision [of MERCOSUR member countries] to suspend Paraguay from the MERCOSUR trade block, actions which proved to be in violation of the Ushuaia protocol, the obligations on the Democratic process.”

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Paraguay: exclu…

Paraguay: exclusive interview with President Franco reveals plans for development

Thursday, August 09, 2012

By  Peter M. Tase

The newly-installed President of Paraguay Federico Franco spoke exclusively to Speroforum during my recent return to Paraguay where I once served as a Peace Corps volunteer. President Franco has been assailed by the governments of neighboring Brazil and Argentina, as well as Venezuela, for having taken the reins of government following the impeachment of former President Fernando Lugo by Paraguay’s Congress.  Accused by Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of an anti-democratic and “soft coup d’etat”, Paraguay was suspended from the MERCOSUR and UNASUR regional groupings.

Franco is a medical doctor, but has had extensive political experience. He has served as mayor of the city of Fernando de la Mora, and was governor of the Central province for five years. In 2008, he was elected to the post of Vice President and served under President Fernando Lugo. He is a member of the Authentic Liberal Party.
Peter Tase:
What is the current political situation in Paraguay and its contribution to democracy in South America. Also, what is the status of relations between Paraguay and the United States?
President Federico Franco:
First, …I want to extend my greetings to the entire American nation. Secondly, Peter, we are embarked upon consolidating the government, to provide governance, and once this is stable we will occupy ourselves with our difficulties with our neighbors. Our priority now is to be entirely focused on the programs and projects of the former government so that they will be beneficial and useful to the community; all of them will continue.
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