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“Unfortunately we still have countries that are living in their past

Tue 05 May 2015

Armenia rejects all the proposals of the Turkish side to investigate the archives that are concerning the dramatic events of 1915. How would you comment on this position?

Armenia is not contributing towards shedding more light on the tragic events of April 1915.  It is Armenia´s interest to clarify the circumstances and tragic events against its people and consequently the role of neighboring countries involved in World War I. Refusing cooperation to the Turkish government is not a recipe for a more integrated region.  As a result the following phrase of Pope Francis delivered on the occasion of the 100 Anniversary of Armenia´s lost lives in WWI: “Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it,” will stay in vain.  Over the next months we will see how much the Pope´s remarks will impact the Vatican´s future relations with Moderate Islamic states.

How would you comment on the decisions of some states on criminalizing the denial of ¨Genocide¨? Is it acceptable for a democratic world of 21-st century?

In a democratic and multi-polar world that we have today this is not acceptable.  Instead of having a more unified world, while preserving ethnic diversity, we are experiencing a tremendous polarization that derives from past conflicts and prohibits a better economic development for the future generations.

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“Unfortunately we still have countries that are living in their past”


News.Az interviews Peter Tase, a political analyst.